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Riding partners.
Michelle Engelbrecht
Adventure and adventure riding has always been a huge part of my life. This adventure rider was not made, but born this way! Riding is about an urge to explore the unknown. To take man and machine and to pit oneself against nature and the elements.

It is also about exploring other countries and cultures, immersing oneself in one’s surroundings. Lastly it’s about the journey, about how you got there, and the trials and tribulations along the way.

Adventure riding for me is going out into the open, exploring my surroundings, camping under the stars and living close to nature, with good friends. Sometimes it’s also about pushing my limits, using my good judgement but always respecting the machine I’m on and always trying to be humble towards nature and the people around me. But the most important thing of all is I try and have as much fun as possible!

I am proud to be a brand ambassador for Xkulcha and ATG helping them develop their products for the motorcycle industry.
Hein Jonker
"I love riding motorcycles skillfully, but I love the people who ride them more, hence my passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience with those who want to learn.”

Hein Jonker is the Chief Instructor and Editor at Bike Talk, a renowned Motorcycle Skills Instructor and an Expert in Motorcycle Manipulation, a skill he learned from the master Donnie Williams; a Motor Cop Instructor from Texas, USA. Over the years Hein has trained well over 3500 riders, in South Africa and from all over the world, coaching them to ride with skill and confidence.

He has written and compiled many publications (Road Captain Guide, Motorcycle Safety Booklet, and the BRC, SRC and ARC Training Manuals) used in South Africa and abroad to train and develop skill among motorcycle operators. All the articles on the Safety page of this website, unless otherwise stated, have been written and compiled by Hein.
Skinny van Schalkwyk
Skinny is just a girl that ended up on a tank full of gas mounted on two wheels.

She’s been riding for over eleven years and have done almost every facet of biking. She has raced in the ladies regional class (2010), raced in the GOC (2012). She has attended almost every rally in SA ever hosted, done the breakfast run route about a million times and even stunts her well known bike – Billy-Bob (Yamaha R6).

She puts out a newsletter chronicling her exploits which has 24,000+ subscribers.

She knows how to tell a good story!