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Kyalami SA Bike festival 2018
The third installment of the market leading annual showcase in the South African motorcycling calendar. Kulcha will be hosting a stall with some amazing deals on all our world class protective gear. Drop by, pick up some gear and say howzit to our team.

Get your ticket here.
Extreme Biker X Abrasion test.
Believe us when we say our product is consumer tested. Hein Jonker is strapped to the back of a bike and dragged down the road just for your amusement - your amusment and to test the validity of the Advanced Technology Fabrics claims. Watch the video. It's awesome!

In November 2016 Xkulcha opened the online store providing access to all of the Xkulcha protective clothing range with door to door delivery.

If you would like to buy so XK clothing (and like us) prefer being outside on the road as opposed to the shopping mall, click on the link below from the comfort of your home of camping site and brows our stuff and order - right there and then.

Check out the online store here
Xkulcha be sharing a stand with All Terrain Gear at the Afrika Bike Festival.
Hosted at Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit from 27 May to 29 May 2016.

We will have a huge compliment of ATG products from their range on sale, multi purpose travel bags, adventure cooking utensils, compact stretchers and espresso coffee makers and more. We will be promoting Rospa Gloves, Awesome Things accessories and of course our XKulcha products.

There will be discounted goods as well.

Check out the website here
Xkulcha Supports the Great American Trek
Two doctors take on the New World for charity.

With Xkulcha in support, Megan and Matthew, two South African Medical doctors who are traveling from Argentina to Alaska in Sept 2014. The mode of transport will be two motorcycles and the trip should take them about 12 months. They will be traveling, unsupported, through 18 very different countries in aid of two medical charities. The two charities are Doctors without Borders and Kind Cuts for Kids.

The Great American Trek was born out of a desire to see the world, not as a tourist but from the inside. They want to experience countries from the same perspective that they see as doctors in South Africa.

To experience their view of common medical conditions such as Tuberculosis and HIV, and if it relates to their living and social conditions in much the same way as it does in South Africa.
Cape 2 Dublin by scooter
Four friends, 35 000Km. From the Mother City to Dublin. After a life saving operation in 1994, Christopher Venter felt he needed to pay back something to the hospital that saved his son's life. His decision is to recruit three friends and traqverse Africa and the UK in order to raise funds for the Red Cross hospital amongst others in thanks for saving his son's life.

The four intrepid Vespa lovers departed the Mother City expecting the epic journey to take about 9 months to complete. They would visit 14 different hospitals in total and finish their trip at Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital in Dublin.

The other riders, Dave Manor, Hein Gerber and Ian Chamberlain are equally enthusiastic about the journey and were happy to be a part of the campaign.
Xkulcha Rebranding
After 12 months of intensive discussions and planning your favourite adventure apparel company has launched their new logo and visual identity.

The new corporate identity is not only progressive and modern but keeps a sense of it's earlier distressed uniqueness. Making the brand bold and free but also environmentally aware. Through the use of recycled unbleached paper for all clothing tags and marketing material we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint not only making our clothing imopressive but our communications true to our closely held belief system.