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XKulcha Adventure Apparel is designed for the South African landscape. The perfect protective gear for all riding environments.

XKulcha Adventure Apparel is a brand whose design ethos is firmly rooted in South Africa the South African biking experience. From the arid scrub to the magnificent mountains you can take our gear anywhere and know you are protected and comfortable. Both on and off your bike XK has got you covered.

We have developed, tested and continue to test, our gear in real-life situations. Real people being dragged behind real bikes on real roads. And if you don’t believe we found people crazy enough to purposefully do this; watch the video and become a believer!

In a throw-away society we are a true artisanal brand. We believe that our product and our service commitment needs to reflect this ideal. We offer a niche, bespoke “made to order” service to suit your body type and requirements if you find it hard to shop over the counter. We repair and alter your favourite old gear to be good as new. We also abrasion guarantee our product in the event of an accident and if you do ever take a tumble, bring your gear back to us and if we cannot repair the damaged garment, we will replace it, free of charge.

We do this as part of our ongoing real world R&D program, as well as to show our consumers our ongoing commitment to verify that our product delivers on it’s promise to protect you. All we want in exchange is a detailed testimonial and the accident damaged garment for review. XK is founded and committed to making your biking experience safe, comfortable and as enjoyable as possible.
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